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Connected Devices

Today I talk about connected devices in the context of my research about IoT Frameworks at Th-Köln.

I ported an old Application/Device that I have developed to alljoyn.

Principles and best practices will be shared soon in Github.


Stay tuned.

Microsoft Technical Summit

Darmstadium hosts Microsoft Technical Summit 2015.

I will be there.

Microsoft Developers 
and Specialists will provide 
and Best Practices 
about Technologies, Products and Services.

Photography.Luminus Building

Forming the goal 
Forming the intention
Specifying the action
Executing the action
Interpret the state of the system
Comparing what happened with the goal


Luminus Building. Business Solution

A live video from the Luminus Building. Business meets technology. As a Software developer, I applied the essentials of Interaction Design methods and developed a Business solution for the Luminus Building in Kefalonia, Greece. My project, knows as Youcontrol Interface – Luminus Building has been participated in the KNX Awards 2010 within the category publicity and reached the 3rd place.

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visuelle Wahrnehmung.Gestalt

Zu Beginn des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, erklärten die deutschen Psychologen wie die menschliche visuelle Wahrnehmung funktioniert !

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KNX Awards 2010 – Light and Building 2010

Brüssel, 13 April 2010. – An der 8. Verleihung am 13. April 2010 wurden an der Light + Building in Frankfurt insgesamt 11 internationale KNX Projekte in 8 Kategorien ausgezeichnet, die als besonders originell, nachhaltig und zukunftsorientiert befunden wurden.

Youcontrol – Niko Kokkinos mit dem Projekt „Luminus Building“ ist mit dem dritten Platz in der Kategorie „Publicity“ ausgezeichnetet.

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