Luminus Building. Business Solution

A live video from the Luminus Building. Business meets technology. As a Software developer, I applied the essentials of Interaction Design methods and developed a Business solution for the Luminus Building in Kefalonia, Greece. My project, knows as Youcontrol Interface – Luminus Building has been participated in the KNX Awards 2010 within the category publicity and reached the 3rd place.

History of Luminus Building

In 1997, the Luminus Building company has started , 
when they realized the absence of a specialized lighting store 
in the area of Kefalonia Greece. 
The Luminus company is specialized in the construction, 
planning and marketing of domestic and store lighting systems.

In 2010, the new technology concept from Niko Kokkinos enables the promotion and show of all kinds of lighting, offering also the chance of real time demonstrations and virtual application solutions. Additionally, through the offering of specialized seminars, the Luminus Building business model can now give the chance to their business partners to view and apply new technologies and systems.

The benefits of technology in this project

The multidimensional character of the technology in the building sector is reflected in the Luminus Building in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

First of all, in this particular building, technology is a live organism which offers its owner and its employees important operations of Comfort, Safety and Energy Saving.

Secondly, technology acts as an important factor by informing people about the construction and specialized applications, that can be applied in the building sector, showing functions for buildings such as houses and commercial centers.

Thirdly,technology constitutes the backbone and the web of growth for the projection and promotion of other products for buildings that the Luminus businessman  commercialize. Controlling light with touch or even automatically by entering various rooms of the building, creates an atmosphere of high aesthetics and technology makes product presentation easier by attracting costumers and visitors attention.

Technical highlights of  Youcontrol Interface

At a central spot in the showroom, the visualization system with the name Youcontrol is found.

Youcontrol’s aim is to give a live representation of all possibilities of technology in the domestic and commercial buildings sector.

The employee can present to the costumer the lighting fixtures through the touch screen simply by browsing the menu, a 3D menu with control operations  for lightnings that can be applied in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom .

The User can also navigate using the menu of the building plans of the Luminus building and put in use the numbered lightning fixtures that are portrayed. The numeration of lightning fixtures was done accordingly to the real numeration of the lightnings in the building.

Finally the Youcontrol software is also installed in a Tablet PC and the employee can present the same control operations to customers, but this time while in motion in the building


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